Frequently asked questions about free insurance.

We took a few questions such as “does the insurance will pay?” Andrew Petter, free insurance specialist and technique Protest Consumers Association. See the answers:

The insured takes the blame for the accident in the other driver has no insurance. What are the risks?

An insured who take the blame wrongly commits a fraud in insurance. This can cause the insurer refuses to indemnify the consumer, if you discover the “agreement” among drivers. In addition, the free insurance company can still take the matter to litigation, to be rated the criminal aspect of the agreement.

In the evening I did not keep my car in the garage and it was stolen. The insurer pays the damages?

If the insured has declared the proposed insurance that the car always sleeps in garage, but actually always on the street overnight, characterized malfeasance. The insurer can’t indemnify. If the night was sporadic the insurer will indemnify the consumer.

The insured left the car with a valet and he hit the vehicle. What to do?

Frequently the establishment that keeps the valet service, also has insurance that covers robbery, theft and accidents. Otherwise, consumers should sue your insurer to provide compensation. Then the establishment will be charged for the damage.

The insured, drunk, hits the car. No free insurance coverage?

Drunkenness is one of the exclusion clauses provided for in the general conditions of insurance. In this case, there is no coverage from the insurer proves that the insured was intoxicated.

The insured traveled to a country of Mercosur. Hit the car or it was stolen. The compensation is paid?

Since the territorial scope of the insurance covering the Mercosur countries, the insurer indemnifies the insured. In Brazil, many of the insurance offered already cover the Mercosur countries or at least provide coverage for additional hiring.

The insured lent the car to a friend and there was an accident. The insurer may refuse to pay the compensation?

If the friend who drove the car for a possible driver, or using the car without fixed periods, the insurance company does not usually refuses to pay the insurance. However, if the friend is a regular driver (which usually drive the vehicle) and was not listed in the policy when contracting the insurance, the insurer can refuse to compensate the consumer.

If I am in default, the insurer can refuse to pay the compensation?

Generally insurers deny the claim of payment, where the policyholder is in default and cancel the policy. However, the judiciary has held that the insurer can’t cancel the insurance without first communicating the consumer about the delay. In this case, the understanding of justice is that consumers who paid most of the insurance are entitled to payment of compensation, since archetypal with the amount in arrears.

I hit a person and did not buy the optional insurance liability. Is there any other recourse in this situation?

In the case of running over both the driver and the victim are entitled to DPVAT insurance, which provides covers death, permanent disability and medical expenses.

They beat in my car and fled. What I do?

To enable the consumer to blame a third party for the hit, it needs to gather evidence. The insured can try to get witnesses who saw the accident and are willing to report this to the police. You can also try to take a picture and write down the license plate number and model of the vehicle, go to the police station and register the police report, to which the offender is liable.

The car is used inside, but was stolen in the capital. I run the risk of not being compensated?

If the insured resides in the interior, and is just passing through the capital, it will be indemnified. Now, if the insured has placed the address of your beach house, for example, for insurance be more affordable, but actually reside in the capital, the insurer may deny compensation. Therefore, consumers should never lie or omit information in completing the insurance proposal.

I forgot to inform the insurer to change of address.

The consumer shall inform the insurer to change of address so that it can provide endorsement and payment of additional premium, if any. The free insurance must contain the correct information of the insured risk; otherwise it can come to characterize the consumer is not complying with the contractual obligations.

Dropped an object on top of my car. The insurance covers these “air accidents”?

Yes, usually all policies that cover comprehensive coverage basic free insurance coverage provide for coverage for accidental fall of any agent or external object on the vehicle.

My car fell into a river. And now?

For policies with comprehensive coverage (basic) of insurance, accidents caused by freshwater flooding are covered.

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